Covid-19 measures that are in effect


Starting February 17:
*The Government of Aruba cancels all restrictions related to Covid19*

The COVID period indeed caused much damage and divided our community. Unfortunately, we cannot say that we have completely overcome this Covid19 pandemic as yet. Still, looking at the figures, we will have to learn to live with it, as Prime Minister Mrs. Evelyn Wever-Croes mentioned.

It was shown that the vaccine has been very effective in protecting against the Omicron variant, which is milder than other variants. The active covid cases have dropped substantially, which now allows covid relief restrictions at this time to be introduced.

The hospitality sector (Horeca), culture, and sports suffered a lot. Now, fortunately, everything is beginning to open again, and for this reason, the Exit Strategy was recently announced.

Until yesterday, we had 62 active cases, which is very promising if we compare what our island experienced in December with the fifth wave. The last time we had such low figures was precisely seven months ago. This gives us an indicator that the situation is improving. Another fundamental indicator is the hospitalized and admitted patients in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). At this time, there is only one patient admitted to the ICU. According to these criteria, the introduced Covid restrictions can now be lifted. There is no justification for keeping the restrictions in force.

This is why as of February 17, all Covid restrictions are canceled except for the necessary proof when entering Aruba. Visitors (non-resident) who come from abroad must take a test to enter the island or show that they are fully vaccinated (3 doses); in the latter case, they will not need to take the test.

Residents who are completely vaccinated with three doses (including booster shot) don't need to test at entry. However, if they are not completely vaccinated, they will be required to test.

As announced, the vaccination center in Santa Cruz (Betico Croes Sports Center) closed today. But now, people have two other locations where they can apply for vaccination, either in the DVG office in Oranjestad or at the Mobile Unit currently located at Centro di Barrio Playa Pabao.

The only measures that remain applicable are that of the Entry Policy, and the second is the handling of the test that is currently in place.

All other restrictions are canceled; the business closing time is according to the operating permit that each establishment has. The number of people sitting at the table will no longer be restricted.

Everybody is urged to abide by these important recommendations; The first is hand washing; it is the most effective tool to battle the virus; social distancing of six feet and the use of the face mask when feeling necessary. Try to ventilate closed areas; if you have symptoms, stay home immediately and take a test to determine your health condition, as mentioned by the Chief Executive.